Is eternal summer and white sand beaches the ideal way of life? We met somebody who tried it…
Yesterday, we went diving in El Nido, Palawan. Great corals, colourful fishes, some sea-slugs and even a turtle 馃檪
We had a Dutch instructor, more or less our age, blond, strong and with a perfect tan (no, I won’t put any picture!!) and spoke also with two other instructors from Italia and Guatemala. We asked them a few questions:

Taking the lift down

DD: Describe us a normal year?
Italian: I have a dive shop in Sardinia and spend my summers there. Every winter, I choose another destination for the 6 winter months!
Dutch: Before being diving instructor, I was bag packing every winter for 6 months and doing shitty jobs in
summer to pay for it, until I decided to skip the shitty job part and now I am diving instructor in summer and enjoy life the rest of the year.
Guat: I finished my biology studies and work now on a PHD. Instead of having a boring job to pay for it, I tried to find an alternative where I could actually enjoy life while studying.

DD: Where did you spend your last winters?
Dutch: Last year, I was in Curacao and the year before in Mexico
Italian: Last year in Thailand, the year before in Zanzibar.

DD: When did you see ‘real’ winter for the last time?
Dutch: Ooh, I don’t remember…
Italian: Years ago!

DD: Where are you having lunch everyday?
All: We choose some different deserted beach every day as you choose your restaurant…


lunch on the beach

DD: Where do you live?
Italian: I rent a small cottage with a terrace directly on the beach
Dutch: I rent a little room in the interior and pay 2 euros a month

DD: What do you miss most from home?
Dutch: Cheeeeeeeese!!! (DD: I totally relate to that, there is no way to find good cheese in Asia 馃檨 )

DD: How do you feel living here?
Guat: Great, I had an offer in the Maldives, they wanted me to shave my whole body and spend the day in uniform… Here, people are laid-back and smiling, life is easy.

Summary: I still don’t know if it’s the ideal way of life… I see it difficult to have a relationship, deep friendships or a family. But well, I must say they looked happier and more fulfilled than many people I know. I would be missing some more left brain activity, so I don’t think it’s for me, but I’ll keep looking 馃檪

PS: And I saw a turtle 18 meters deep in the water!!!!

Yeah! A turtle!!

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