Facing winter in a night bus: I am already used to cold AC buses from Latam and the US but the bus from Yangun to Mandalay beat them all!
People were coming with ski hats, monks (yes, we had 4 monks in the bus) were hiding their shaved head under their robes. The AC slot could be either open or… closed with holes designed in it to let it continue blowing. That had the advantage that I was feeling a bit like on a ski lift during a snow storm… I have spent 9 hours trying to understand the reason of this torture and came to the conclusion it must be their equivalent to our ski holidays…

Sun cream: Burmese must have received all the old stocks of ski lipsticks we used in the 80s. You know? The white one that stays white the whole day long. Most of them put it on their cheeks only (apparently, bummed sun doesn’t affect noses and foreheads).
[Update] After further research it turns out they didn’t get our old stocks of cream but are using Thanakha a product coming from local trees.


Toilet cleaning efficiency: if you have been to Asia, you will have seen these paperless toilets, using water for the cleaning. As a good Swiss, I was wondering what was cleaner: water or paper? Well, then I decided I wouldn’t publish the results as it wouldn’t be classy enough, so you’ll have to find out by yourselves…


Where is my cheese? Unfortunately, like many Asian countries, there is no cheese in Myanmar. They have cows and milk, but no cheese. However, food is really good. They have a lot of different noodles mixed up with vegetables and meat, fish soups, cabbage soups, etc. (Sorry for the bad transition from toilets to food)

Reporting from Mandalay

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