Mmmm… As I said in a previous post (Having breakfast in Asia), I love having breakfast! While travelling, I never renounce the pleasure of discovering «breakfasts around the world».

In this post, you’ll learn about how is the breakfast in Colombia, Cuba and Mexico, the latin american countries I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 🙂

How is, then, the breakfast in…


The most traditional breakfast in Colombia is called «El precalentado», which literally means «the preheated». Why this name? Because colombian people love to have large meals for dinner with lot of food, including eggs, fried banana, rice, frijoles (beans), meat, a kind of bacon, avocado… The origin of that is at the rural areas of Colombia: those working in the field wake up early in the morning and work hard until late night. Once they are able to have a rest, they have this big dinner with looot of food. All food they don’t finish for dinner, they keep it for the next morning, when they heat the leftovers from the previous dinner and the result is a complete breakfast called «el precalentado» 🙂 Thus, they have enough energy to continue working at the fields.

comida típica colombiana (plato paisa)
traditional colombian meal («plato paisa»)
Los restos de este plato harán el precalentado :)
The leftovers of this meal will be «el precalentado» 🙂

Another traditional meal in Colombia is the arepas. You can have arepas for breakfast or as a snack or as a meal for lunch or dinner. There are sweet and savoury arepas. It’s a very practical option as a take away food. The arepa is a flatbread made of corn, and they fill the arepas with cheese, egg, chicken, avocado, coconut or jam, depending on your mood of that day 🙂 There are different flavours of arepas also. So you can’t say you’ve been in Colombia until you’ve tasted several arepas 🙂


PS: All of this, served with delicious snacks made from fried banana! :

Fried banana biscuits
Fried banana biscuits


Part of my family is from Mexico and several years ago I spent one month living with them. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the incredible mexican culture.

For breakfast, children use to have pancakes with sirope. Well… ok… not only children :p But the traditional breakfast include eggs cooked in several manners (fried egg, omelette or «huevos rancheros», wich means eggs from the ranch), served with beans (frijoles) with chile, and «tortillas» (the traditional mexican bread, very thin, and made from corn or wheat). Yummy! And sometimes they add cheese… fabulous!


As all latin american countries, in Cube they love beans, and rice. Thus, the traditional cuban breakfast is… wait for it… frijoles (beans) with rice! Obviously, served with a delicious cuban coffee 🙂

Mmmmm… enjoy your meals 🙂

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