We did it! We are on the road!
I have packed my new orange shoes (some would call them `chaussures de jeune`), my pink 8 years old no internet no facebook phone (thank you Merce for switching your phone with mine) and my red Swiss knife (which was nicely confiscated by the Qatari security guard).


Our first stop is what I would call paradise: it is forbidden to spit, to throw things on the floor and everything is clean. You are not allowed to strike, even if you are unhappy with your job. You wait in an ordered line when waiting for a cab or a bus. You eat everything with chop sticks, even the soup… It`s also the place where the smartest child is the coolest boy at school. Some people call it hell, some call it the Switzerland of Asia… We just arrived in Singapore and started our 4 months trip.


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