Walking around the streets of Myanmar, you’ll see stains of blood on the floor practically everywhere.


Well, it’s not blood, but spit.
Do the locals spit red you’ll ask… Well, not exactly. They are fans of a nut which, chewed, turns red, and with it everything else in your mouth  (this unfortunately includes teeth). You are not supposed to swallow your saliva when chewing it, which brings us back to the red stains… While chewing the but you constantly spit…
As my stomach knows no limits, I have tried it for you!


The nut looks inoffensive, dressed in a nice leaf.


Once in your mouth, it somehow stimulates some gland and you start to feel that you have a river of saliva in your mouth and inevitably start spitting like crazy…. I tried to find some elegant way of doing it, but there isn’t.

All in all, the nut tastes quite good and the taste lasts much longer than any of our western chicklets…. Too bad it destroys the teeth over time.

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