David knows how I love the feeling of freedom, and linked to that, «roulottes» or mobile houses, although I’ve never had the chance to experience caravan trips… Until last July, when he offered me as a birthday gift a super trip around Switzerland with a real one!!! Yeaaaah!

I loved the experience. Real life is in fact much better than dreams! While driving it I felt like in American movies driving a huge house behind us in the desert and saying «hi» to other caravan drivers on our way.

Good morning in the middle of nowhere :-)
Good morning in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Whenever you need to stop for a rest, or for whatever you want, just find a «pause spot» in the highway, and «voilà!» Your house is there with you. Such a wonderful feeling…

We picked up our 6-bed roulotte in a village near Nyon, and spent some days travelling and living in there. It was difficult to get used to the car size when driving at the beginning, above all until we reached the highway.

Honesty, much more than we needed… (it’s a 6 bed caravan) but it was the only caravan available for renting at that time and I’m proud to say I succeed to drive such a castle during our whole trip!

Then, it’s just a matter of following caravan rules… Before driving, we needed to go through the checklist:

– Toilet hole closed? Yes

– Frigo / electricity / water closed? Yes

– Windows, closets, wardrobes… All closed 🙂

– «Risk-to-fall» objects while driving? Controlled

– Raise the small steps to get into the caravan to avoid driving with the stairs open? Done

– Place the small stair to get into the upper bed on top of the blankets? Done

All ready. Let’s gooooo!

camping car

Some nights we slept in the middle of nowhere, with speechless star-skies at night, and astonishing «good morning» green views. Other nights we went to a Swiss Camping to meet other caravan fellows and know more about their lifestyles and life’s philosophy. People are open minded and super creative! We were surprised with the luxury some caravans have: some of them they even have dedicated furniture to build their own terraces and outdoors «rooms» when settling down in a Camping area!!

Morning tea!
Morning tea in the Swiss camping! Interlaken

On our way, we smoothly visited Interlaken, Unterseen (from my personal opinion, much beautiful and less touristic than Interlaken), Beatusholen (it’s like a hanging monastery in a rock with astonishing lake views), Spiez, Thun, Charmey….. and lost valleys on our way. Here are just a few pictures of the beautiful landscapes central Switzerland have to offer. I felt even more in love with Heidi’s country (well, I already was 😉 . Such a wonderful nature, weather (Yes!! Weather!! In Summer the weather in Switzerland is cooooool!), traditions, skies…

Hanging monastery near Interlaken with lake view
Swiss landscapes during our journey
When we woke up, and opened the door of our mobile home, that was where we were… The sky at night was speechless, with countless stars!
Spots on our way, having breakfast in our mobile terrace with such a landscape


Unterseen, on our way to the Swiss camping


Swiss German towns
Good luck!

An experience highly recommended to all nature-lovers!

As for me, now I’m considering the experience of living in a roulotte for a year… That being said… happy life friends!

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