Bangladesh: A true gem in Asia

Bangladesh is one of the most untouched Asian countries in terms of tourism. We’ve been travelling there for 10 days and during those days we’ve only seen a single tourist, who wasn’t actually a tourist but an expat. If you have 10-15 days of holidays and are willing to travel to beautiful countries where nobody goes, […]

Bangladesh como mujer

Nota: este post es completamente subjetivo basado en mi experiencia y con mi bagaje. Cada mujer puede tener experiencias y sensaciones diferentes y todas ellas serán válidas. Lo que yo relato aquí no es una verdad universal. Bangladesh es un país que, como mujer, no elegiría jamás vivir aqui (basada en la complicada situación política […]

Useless Facts about Southeast Asia

Myanmar: The exchange rate between US dollars and US dollars is 0.9. No, there is no typo… To pay hotels and official fees, you need dollars. But they only accept the newest edition of dollars, with not a single mark, a bill which has been folded once is not good for them… So you finish […]