Having breakfast in Asia

Having breakfast in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, China, India and Sri Lanka. I love having breakfast. It’s one of my musts every morning of my life: It’s a pleasure for me to have a relaxed breakfast every morning while enjoying the sun or reading a nice book before going somewhere out of my […]

Comida filipina

Después de dos meses en Filipinas, pero sobretodo gracias a la convivencia durante más de 12 días con una familia filipina, hemos aprendido mucho de la cocina filipina. Sus recetas preferidas, sus indispensables, cuándo disfrutar de qué, curiosidades como que el aguacate en Filipinas se toma como una fruta, palabras como «merienda» que son idénticas […]

Useless Facts about Southeast Asia

Myanmar: The exchange rate between US dollars and US dollars is 0.9. No, there is no typo… To pay hotels and official fees, you need dollars. But they only accept the newest edition of dollars, with not a single mark, a bill which has been folded once is not good for them… So you finish […]

The Philippines we’ve seen in pictures

This post is about what we consider being the top destinations in the Philippines, excluding our experiences while volunteering in Cantilan or taking the Vipassana meditation course. Rice terraces, Ifugao, Northen Luzon A Unesco world heritage site. They were built more than 2.000 years ago. All of them are hand-made! Each terrace produces more or […]

Volunteering at Hotchkiss Foundation (Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, The Philippines)

In our trip to The Philippines, we’ve had the chance to live within a philippino family located in a small town of Mindanao Island for 15 days, while volunteering at their foundation. Thus, we’ve had the great and unique chance to mix with this quiet and kind population, becoming the known «spaniards» of the town […]

Curiosidades de Filipinas

Aquí en Filipinas, en lugar de una linea de bus local para dentro de una ciudad, hay los llamados «jeepneys», unas coloridas y tuneadisimas mini furgonetas que pueden llevar hasta… bueno, hasta que el cobrador del jeepney decida que no caben mas personas ni maletas ni niños 😉 Desde que hemos entrado en Filipinas, y […]

Cantilan, un lugar que no aparece en las guias

Después de un triciclo, un bus de 4 horas a través de una isla, un jeepney, un avión con escala, y otro bus de 4 horas entre altas montañas, curvas, carreteras inacabadas y precipicios, llegamos. Llegamos a Cantilan, un pueblecito de Surigao del Sur que ni se menciona en las guías ni se señala en […]

A festival full of colours… Ati-Ati

The Ati-Ati festival, celebrated in Kalibo, is Philippines’ most important festival. It was called the mother of all festivals until inhabitants of Iloilo, another city of the same island, started calling their festival the mother of all festivals… To which inhabitants of Kalibo answered calling their festival the grandmother of all festivals. The answer of […]

A beautiful life?

Is eternal summer and white sand beaches the ideal way of life? We met somebody who tried it… Yesterday, we went diving in El Nido, Palawan. Great corals, colourful fishes, some sea-slugs and even a turtle 🙂 We had a Dutch instructor, more or less our age, blond, strong and with a perfect tan (no, […]

Islas de Palawan – Coron Town y el Nido (Filipinas)

Estamos en las islas de Palawan, un conjunto de islas de Filipinas consideradas entre las 5 más bonitas del mundo según la Lonley Planet. Y con razón. Islas y islas sin parar… Esta formada por un isla principal seguida de incontables pequeñas islas a sus alrededores. Desde la isla principal, puedes compartir (o coger solo […]