Having breakfast in Asia

Having breakfast in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, China, India and Sri Lanka. I love having breakfast. It’s one of my musts every morning of my life: It’s a pleasure for me to have a relaxed breakfast every morning while enjoying the sun or reading a nice book before going somewhere out of my […]

Useless Facts about Southeast Asia

Myanmar: The exchange rate between US dollars and US dollars is 0.9. No, there is no typo… To pay hotels and official fees, you need dollars. But they only accept the newest edition of dollars, with not a single mark, a bill which has been folded once is not good for them… So you finish […]

Malaysian food: be original!

In Kuala Lumpur you’ll find many different types of fruits (a nice variety of forms and colors, some varieties smell bad but they aren’t), juices and spicy dishes. It’s difficult to find non spicy dishes but not impossible (I did it!!!). Besides you can find food from other countries around Malaysia, but this is a […]