Having breakfast in Asia

Having breakfast in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, China, India and Sri Lanka. I love having breakfast. It’s one of my musts every morning of my life: It’s a pleasure for me to have a relaxed breakfast every morning while enjoying the sun or reading a nice book before going somewhere out of my […]

Useless Facts about Southeast Asia

Myanmar: The exchange rate between US dollars and US dollars is 0.9. No, there is no typo… To pay hotels and official fees, you need dollars. But they only accept the newest edition of dollars, with not a single mark, a bill which has been folded once is not good for them… So you finish […]

Top pictures from Myanmar / Las mejores fotos de Myanmar

The best pictures of our trip. Las mejores fotos de nuestro viaje. Children going to school at Inle lake / Chicos hacia la escuela en Inle lake Inle lake village / Pueblo de Inle lake Vegetable fields / Campos de verduras Traditional meal / Comida tradicional School in a small village of the country side […]

Interview with a local in Northern Myanmar

Today’s post is an interview with a local Myanmar. His views are obviously not shared by everybody and are not intended to be a generalisation. For anonymity reasons, we’ll call him Graham. DD: Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world? G: I would go to Africa, do a safari and […]

Myanmar street food & its typical tea houses

In all Myanmar villages you’ll find lots of tea houses: places where you can drink green tea… for free !!! (all tables have their own tea pot), eat something no matter at what time, and find Burmese people who spend their afternoon there, chatting with their friends while having tea (to spend several hours at […]

Inle Lake (Myanmar)

Located central east of Myanmar, Inle Lake is a famous destination for all travellers visiting the country. And it’s truly a «must see» if you come to Myanmar. The lake itself is enormous. Local people aren’t able to determine where it exactly starts and where it exactly ends, as suddenly you’ll find yourself walking on […]

The bitter nut: I tried it for you!

Walking around the streets of Myanmar, you’ll see stains of blood on the floor practically everywhere. Well, it’s not blood, but spit. Do the locals spit red you’ll ask… Well, not exactly. They are fans of a nut which, chewed, turns red, and with it everything else in your mouth  (this unfortunately includes teeth). You […]

Myanmar en transporte publico local

Estamos en Yangon o en Mandalay, dos de las ciudades mas conocidas de Myanmar. Para movernos dentro de ellas, queremos utilizar, como su gente, los autobuses locales: los taxis son relativamente muy caros, no te mezclan con su gente y nunca sabes si te estan timando o no con el precio porque debes regatear. Así […]

A Swiss view of Myanmar

Facing winter in a night bus: I am already used to cold AC buses from Latam and the US but the bus from Yangun to Mandalay beat them all! People were coming with ski hats, monks (yes, we had 4 monks in the bus) were hiding their shaved head under their robes. The AC slot […]