Useless Facts about Southeast Asia

Myanmar: The exchange rate between US dollars and US dollars is 0.9. No, there is no typo… To pay hotels and official fees, you need dollars. But they only accept the newest edition of dollars, with not a single mark, a bill which has been folded once is not good for them… So you finish […]

Singapur a primera vista

Hemos llegado a Singapore y me da la impresion que es un país que nada tiene que ver con la gran mayoria de sus colegas asiáticos: aquí casi no hay bicis (de hecho te multan si vas en bici cruzando un puente), nada de rickshaws o taxis economicos por el estilo, nada de claxons constantes […]

My orange shoes, pink phone and red knife

We did it! We are on the road! I have packed my new orange shoes (some would call them `chaussures de jeune`), my pink 8 years old no internet no facebook phone (thank you Merce for switching your phone with mine) and my red Swiss knife (which was nicely confiscated by the Qatari security guard). […]