Discovering «Lac de Joux» through a treasure hunt

The «Lac de Joux» is a beautiful lake in the «Vallée de Joux» (Joux Valley) in the canton where we live, Vaud. It’s only within a little bit less than 1h drive from home, Nyon, and it is the largest lake in Switzerland lying above 1,000 metres. I was keen to go since a while, since […]

Sailing in between two countries: Saut du Doubs

Last summer my mum come to visit us one week in August and she came with a great recommendation from her French yoga teacher living in Barcelona: We should visit the Saut du Doubs, a 27-meter-high waterfall on the Doubs river. She use to live in the region and her taunt was, in fact, the […]

Summer hike in the Swiss Alps: Rochers de Naye

Last summer we had very hot temperatures in the French part of Switzerland. We reached more than 40°C several days in a row (and I was pregnant at the same time…, crazy!). The best plan to cool down while enjoying the nature this beautiful country offer is to put your hiking shoes on, some sunscreen, […]

My favourite (lake) beaches in the French part of Switzerland

The words «beach» and «Switzerland» in the same sentence??? How this is possible…? Luckly (for me ;)) Yes, it is! You’ve read properly!! There are beaches in Switzerland and I have to say that pretty cool and nice beaches!! I was born close to the sea. I’m from Barcelona, but not only that, I’m a […]

Travelling with a caravan around Heidi’s country :)

David knows how I love the feeling of freedom, and linked to that, «roulottes» or mobile houses, although I’ve never had the chance to experience caravan trips… Until last July, when he offered me as a birthday gift a super trip around Switzerland with a real one!!! Yeaaaah! I loved the experience. Real life is […]

A beautiful autumn in Switzerland

This year 2015 is being a wonderful and unique Autumn in Switzerland in terms of colours and shapes: nature is glowing, with its maximum expression, offering its precious essence in a form of red tones, orange tones, yellow tones, green tones and different unique autumn flowers. I believe that the warm – great summer we’ve […]